Got Faith?


How can you tell if you're a person of faith?

"By faith" occurs first repeatedly in verses 3-6. What effect does this have on you as a reader?

What has faith got to do with believing that God created the universe?

What do you think made Abel a righteous man and why do you think so?

Abel is dead; his brother murdered him. How is it that he still speaks today?

How does faith affect God and how do you know?

How do you think God rewards those who earnestly seek him?

2. Journal your thoughts on the passage:

–Write about what God wants you to know . . .

–Write about how God wants you to feel . . .

–Write about what God wants you to do . .



I will share some of how Jesus has helped my faith in grow.

About twelve years ago I had all the symptoms of colon cancer. Filled up the toiled bowl with blood every day, and could not stand up straight because of cramps.

I lived with those symptoms for five months, because going to the hospital would have drained our finances, and my being able to work.

The pain became so bad I had to do something to relieve it. I asked Jesus if I should go to the doctor, and he said no.

My thought at the time was that Jesus would heal me. Well two weeks went by with no let up in pain. Then one morning it was gone, and it never came back. Everything is the way it should be, and no doctor.

Obeying and trusting Jesus is our proof of faith.

Yet a year or so later my eyesight was going. Again I asked Jesus if I should go to a doctor, and again he said no. Losing my eyesight was harder for me then my belief that I was dying. Well Jesus let my eyesight alone for over a month, but again everything was healed.

Faith that one’s prayers for a person who is not following Jesus, and trusting God’s will to be done is faith. In fact that is faith to move a mountain.