Graphics Designers?

Graphics Designers?

Okay, so for years I have been wanting to start my own Web Design company. However, I seem to have one issue. I can't do logos, and other graphics, and I'm not as creative as I used to be with the website layouts! I was wondering if anyone knew of any graphics designers that would be willing to help me as I get started, and maybe even work with me on sites in the future! I do more of the back end php, html, css, and mysql stuff. The first thing for me is going to need to be a logo for my website!
Year old thread and reply, well I was thinking about going self employed and setting up company in this field, I am also developer , PHP mysql, (X)HTML CSS etc really looking for someone in UK
Ya, I noticed after I replied how old it was. But not alot of topics on under webmasters so it was still in the recent posts. Im not int he UK, but wish you best in your business.