Great, Just Great!

Great, Just Great!

Just when we think Britain cannot get any worse, it is.

UK to invest in massive 'spy' database

Something you would have thought would only be part of action movies may be a reality soon in the UK. The government has plans to create a massive database that will store all phone calls, emails, and internet logs of all UK citizens. The information can be stored for as long as 2 years.

The database will take time to create, but there are trials and tests set in place with pre-determined people.

This is a feasible solution to solving criminal cases, and lowering crime rates, however, many will see it as a very large invasion of privacy.

UK Home Office minister, Lord West, noted:
"It is a cross-government program, led by the Home Office, to ensure that our capability to lawfully intercept and exploit data when fighting crime and terrorism is not lost."

The only terrorist is in the country is our government!

We have had 1....JUST 1 terrorist attack in the last I don't know how long.

The government introduced " CCTV " cameras to fight crime, and help lower it, Has it??? Of course not, Its just another money making scheme.
They are used to fine UK residents for the smallest of things.
Things like a piece of dropped litter, turning your car around in a street, watching people walk there dogs and make sure they don't mess on the road.
CCTV is CLOSED CURCUIT, they are supposed to be INVISIBLE / HIDDEN, but we have cameras everywhere possible, all placed to watch us, brought with our money.
We have speed cameras, HUGE income for the government, in some areas increases the amount of accidents, rather than lower them, its just more income.

We are very quickly loosing our freedom in the UK, we have the government thinking for us, not letting us make our own decisions, ruling us.
They make you believe stuff that isnt true, like homosexuality for example, its not normal, its not right, its not in our genes, but if someone believes in long enough, they will become it.

The government makes us believe we are all bad drivers, forcing stuff on us, labeling all drivers, soon, we will all believe we are bad drivers and become bad drivers.

They "somehow" loose millions of peoples confidencial information, its never happened before, then all of a sudden, loads of laptops and CDs go "missing" with millions of people confidential information on.

They have cameras in streets / cities that are able to spy into peoples homes, they claim that they will only be used when there is an emergency call,... yeah right.

We have cameras in the towns which are watching us making sure we dont drop something, instead of using them for our safety, what they were supposed to be used for.

We have more cameras in town looking at the roads, not to catch dangerous drivers, watch for accidents, they are using them to watch US again.... to make sure we don't turn around in the road, even at night when it is clear.
I know someone who about 6 months ago, his wife was driving and took a wrong turn into a road in london, the camera operator was watching them and saw them turn around in the road, they got fined, safety or greed? or abusing power?

Terrorism is control caused by fear, our government is the biggest terrorist in the world so far.

CCTV cameras should be called " Spy Cameras".

The police winge about crime all the time, yet they have police cars, sitting on there backsides in there cars, parked in a bus stop, watching for drivers going a few mph over the limit, instead of fighting crime.

Our goverment wastes money on so called " green stuff ", he recently wasted a BILLION pound of tax payers money, wasted. That could have been used on something that would benefit the country.

We are giving over our freedom in the name of "security".

Im sorry, I;m angry about what our country is becomimg.
Im wondering weather its even worth being alive anymore.

I think we should buy an island in the middle of no where and get free of all the governments so called security plans.

THe end!


While I am never a proponent of giving up freedom to say that there are no terrorists in you country is missing the mark. Personally I believe that such watchdogs should concentrate on people with a history of such acts, watch who crosses the boarders and leave the average citizen alone.
I guess we have to expect to surrender some of our freedoms in order to keep a tight reign on criminals. The problem is that the information that the government collects is not kept confidential dispite what they say. We had an instance here in Ohio where a government worker in Columbus had a lot of public data on his laptop and left it in his car and the laptop was stolen. What do you do now? Why has this data left the building in the first place.

It goes to show how careless and irresponsible the government is - it is not trustworthy. Also government employees have access to sensitive information and they can use it as they will. One local dispacher at the police station tipped off her friends about a police raid that was going down here in Warren a few months ago. So If you have a friend in government you can probably find out anything you want to know about anyone.

That's my beef,

Larry II
I wouldnt mind them putting up CCTV cameras.....real CCTV cameras that arent supposed to be seen easily, and are used tp fight crime and not watch us. But thats how twisted the government is.