Great Movie! Have the Kleenex ready

Great Movie! Have the Kleenex ready

If you have not seen the movie " Facing the Giants" I encourage you to do so! I rented it at our local movie store for $ 1.99. Best 2 bucks I ever spent!

If you are facing some giants of your own.. this will truly inspire you!

Faith - excellent suggestion!:)

Facing the Giants is a football movie, one of my favorites. It shows how even the toughest guys are really weak and need the Lord in their lives.

Once you stop fighting, the goodness begins.

It made me cry, and I don't cry during movies...honestly!:rolleyes:
The gentleman I date.. he cried throughout as well.
My 15 year old daughter watched it with us.

He told her afterwards. see.. men do cry! :)

I kept thinking of the giants in my life and realized I can overcome them with the Lord! Now how awesome is that!

There's something about the way faith is presented in this movie that just makes it magic. It's true, and it shows how it really feels to peel off the awful scabs of our own pride and reveal the tender part underneath that God tends to and will always shelter within us. Ya know?

My favorite scene is where he makes the football player crawl over the field. Yelling and screaming, making him go just one more step, just one more! Oh, the pain! The agony! That's just a small part of what Christ went through for us...:(

I got that movie at you made me want to watch it again!:D

BTW: If you have male non-believers that you're really concerned about...stick this movie on! It gets guys' attentions right away! They won't suspect that their lives are about to be changed. Even the strongest men will see how truly weak they are; and how God can move in lives. You may just help to bring someone to Christ!:D