Great Web Host!

Great Web Host!

A really great web host is CJB ( They offer great service, an awesome support forum, and the owner is a down to earth guy who cares more about his members than about profit (he sacrificed precious ad money because he knew we don't like ads).

I've taken on the task of promoting CJB because I believe that it IS a great host and the least I can do as a member for all that the owner has done for us is to promote his services.
Indeed thats a good host. They give good features too. there are other hosts as well. like the they have really good features for free but yes with ads. its really tough to maintain one without ads.
this forum doesnt operate for profit. am i one of the good guys? i wonder... ;)
yeaa...i know i spend a loooot lesser than they do.
I used to like t35, but the ads really bug me. CJB is t35 without the ads. And even paid hosting is uber cheap for CJB.

P.S. Even if you had Google ads, you would still be a good guy ;) It's only the big corps that care more for profit than their members that I don't like.
afterthought? what space limits are there in cjb? for example is there an uploading limit? and is there a file size limit?
For CJB (no one knows what it stands for...this has been discussed a lot in the CJB forum), you get 50mb disk space, and 500mb bandwidth per month (make sure you conserve!) I'm not sure about the file size limit or the uploading limit...ask around in the forum, the members will be happy to help you. The reason why it's so low is because the owner (Brian) wants to keep spammers and porn sites away. I used to consume a lot of bandwidth, but then I used external CSS and now I only use about 5 - 6 mb per day, with well over 150 unique visitors per day.

It's a great host, and the support forum is really helpful. Even if you want to host your domain or get an upgraded account, it's a measly $3 per month!
I find that T35 paid site is better because they upgraded my bandwidth to 10GB, with 500mb for $50 a year. $4.16 a month it works out to. Cheaper. Also, I can upgrade to 2000mb when needed and have numerous domain names pointing to the same servers. The Free service would not work for me, as I have exe files, and games. I hope to make some Biblical Jigsaw Puzzles soon. Thanks for the information though! I like to check out other hosting sites.
Great Domain Reg, hosting, email, pass along system.

Did you know that we could all have domain names such as:


(Not Mine)

On to infinity.

Everyone inviting others to simply get a domain name just like that, with their name after the hyphen at the end. Takes 10 Minutes.

No advertising in the sites we build.
Totally focused advertising on the value of getting one of these if we don't build a site. That part is all built already. Just send people to your domain name and they can duplicate you, except they'll get their domain with their name showing they are part of the ReadTheBibleNetwork.

Income for each of us is generated as well.

Fully explained at: which each (username) will have as well in order to explain it to their sphere of influence.
Most Share Web Hosting Sites are the Same

I would stay away from so called Christian Web Hosting companies, as most are simply resellers. I would stick with one of the top shared web hosting companies because they are more affordable and reliable
I use .tk

My forum is ... you can visit or check out the stuff I've mae if you like. Anyways, I think tk beats cjb or anything like that.

What sounds better, or www.thehawksnest.cjb

yeah.. that's right.
If you are prepared to pay for hosting, I use Bluehost and they are brilliant. For $6.95 a month you can host unlimited domains (I currently have about a dozen) and sub-domains. Their interface is very user-friendly, and they have Fantastico which allows you to automatically install blogs, message boards and a heap of other stuff. Check it out at Blue Host - reliable and affordable web hosting (If you sign up through this link you will also be supporting Glory to the King Ministries, as we get an affiliate commission.)


With other things aside, T35 is absolutely great for paid and free web hosting. They do have ads on the free system and some restrictions, but thats a must on any popular Free Webhost. We've currently work with a few previous T35 based customers, who find them just as great.

I'm also in the Paid and Free hosting business as well. We own and operate multiple servers. Our service is 100% backed and funded by our locally based company. Its not an easy task, and thats why we leave all decisions to the Lord and are Truly Powered by the Lords Grace.