Greatest Change In My Life - I Was A Biggest Sinner

Before I came to know about our Lord savior Jesus Christ; in my youth I was arrogant with my parents, never bothered them & society. I used to have Bad habits like: chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, flirting with girls, Spend money lavishly, Street fights etc. I used to fight with pastors, never cared about my career, I burnt Bible…. I used to beat my brother, for no reason fight with neighbors, & I showed a Hell to Parents, Relatives & to the society. I was surrounded by all the devilish acts, All this Because of I was I total control of Satan.

After spending this kind of ugly life for few years slowly I was hated by everyone around me. The friends who used to be with me planned to kill me, my girl friend left me & parents (who were out of their long patience) told me to Get out of the House. I was totally deserted. Everyone hated me because of my deeds. At that moment I have no friends, No family, No career. I got panic, nervous & started thinking about me. I realized that I have done wrong in my life; I achieved nothing but a Bad name, Bad life. I wanted to beg for forgiveness to my parents, neighbors, Pastors (whom I bet) but it was too late, I felt that I have no right to ask for forgiveness; Everywhere I see darkness in my life.. So, I decided to End my Life by committing suicide.
One night I planned to commit suicide by Hanging. At mid night around (1:20 am) I tied a rope to the ceiling fan & I was just about to put it around my neck, suddenly my elder brother seen me attempting suicide, He rushed to me & stopped me from committing suicide. My mother woke up & she took me to her, she hugged me & she cried a Lot. Then I replied to her” Oh mother I have no right to come to you as I have shown Hell to you people, I never listened to you nor father, I burnt Bible, I lost my career, I lost my friends & almost everything & told her that GOD will never forgive me as I use to beat pastors, I used to tare the Bible into pieces, BURNT 10′s of Bibles, How can God forgive me????? I’m a BIGGEST SINNER in this World said it by crying in a Loud voice... I have no right to take even name of the Holy God. Then my mother replied: My Son God still Loves you & forgives you….I Replied What??? God still loves me??? Forgives me??? Huh..are you kidding me Mom???? My mother replied & told me the story of the “Prodigal Son” . After listening to that” I was put into tears, I cried loudly. My mother & brother told me to sit alone & Pray for a while and I did so…I went into the room, took Bible bent on my Knees and I started praying, I prayed to God, Oh my lord God Do you still Love me? Do you still forgive me??? Can I be your Son? & then I slept that night.

The next Day morning when I woke up I was fresh, I feel very comfortable, and my mother brother everyone was speaking to me well. On the same Day Evening (in Hyderabad city) Brother Dinakaran (a famous Gospel preacher in south India) had conducted Meeting in an open ground. Nearly 2 lakhs of people attended that meeting in an Open ground. I along with my parents went to that meeting. While I was listening his words ” all of sudden in the middle of meeting Bro. Dinkaran called me by my name & area saying that “My dear Bhasker you have been forgiven by God, all your sins are wiped off, God loves you so Much” ….. I was shockedddddddd!!!!!! I never met him before nor I never spoken with him before, He don’t know who I’m. Now I realized God has spoken to me indirectly. I felt I’m the happiest person in this world……Yes..!!!!!!! Yes..!!!!!!! God answered my Prayer….God loves me soooo much, he has forgiven me. From then I stopped all my bad activities, I respected my parents, I was good to the society. I was totally out of that Bad Life with the help of God. As God Loved me so much he saved me. And from then I am preaching the word of GOD. Now, Handling more than 13 villages. And praying along with hundreds of people. Thank GOD….
You have such an amazing testimony Vijaybhasker! May God bless you greatly! We all find our lowest low and it is then that God picks us up and shows us His love :). I am so glad that you have also found His love!
Lovely story you tell here. May the Lord richly bless you. He is good and full of mercy even if you are the greatest sinner. He saved me 30 years ago and my life chaged completely. I am spanish living here is Spain. Now retired and enjoying studying scripture and writing bible studies. May God continue blessing you greatly. Julio191
Dear Bothers & Sisters,

I am so happy you read my testimony so patiently. Thanks for all your replies and blessings.
Shortly I am coming with latest more great testimonies. And by the way, Please do not hesitate to contact me for any Prayer help. Also please do remember me in your prayers.

Please watch it when you have time. But this is in our regional language (Telugu) I am trying for translation to English.

May God bless you all!!