Greetings All

New here, And I must say I'm a little surprise what I had to go through in order to start posting. I can understand the need to filter those who would come here and cause trouble. but being a Christian site, I guess I expected a little more openness.

Well, that's enough of that. I little about me. I'm a married 48 yr old guy who never really grew up. I still like the little things in life. Been a Christian since as long as I can remember, acceptedf Christ when I was very young. Baptized at 14. Drifted from church to church till I found a one that really taught me about the nature of God and His love for us.

I hang out at many other boards and try to witness in a non-abrasive way. Don't know about y'all. but to me. there isn't anything more of a turn -off then a believe trying to sell Jesus like a door-to-door salesman. I've always believed that the best testimony you can give to the world is to let God's love shine through you.

Well, that's about it. looking forward to having lot's of discussions with everyone. God bless