Greetings from a newbie

Greetings from a newbie

Hi All,

I am a 59 year old wife, mother, grandmother and gamer*. I came to know Jesus when I was 32*. Between the ages of 9 and 32, I was an atheist*.

I am enjoying perusing the forums. There is a genuine sense of the Holy Spirit's presence. :)

~aka Lynda

*playing mmorpgs, since 1999, and gaming with my grandsons every chance I get. :cool:
*accepted Jesus at my kitchen table while searching the scriptures for Truth.:)
*lived my life without acknowledging the reality of the existence of God and purposely rejected any thought of him.:eek:
I was welcoming you at the same time you were introducing yourself!
I merged the 2 threads and mine went above yours~
It is very nice to meet you~:)


and welcome i hope you enjoy it on the forums