Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa!

Holy Soldier a Christian meatl band? Are they still around? I have to confess I've never heard of them but I don't get out very often. With work and caring for my disabled Mom and semi-disabled brother I have a rather busy time of it. But thanks for the tip. Do they have recordings I can check out?

Hi again Mike. They're one of the more old-school Christian rock/metal bands. Is Christian metal of interest to you? I can probably direct you to a few bands to check out. Some are straight-up Christian focused...others have a more mainstream appeal, but the band is comprised of believers (at least as far as can be deduced from a distance).

Good on you for caring for your family like that dude. Not a single ounce of your effort or care goes unnoticed by the Father.
Ahh, thanks for that encouragement. Yes, Christian rock would be of interest to me. Have to confess I had liked rock from the 60's onward. Others may view it as unChristian to listen to it, certainly some bands had a message that was very unscriptural but I don't believe the genre itself is faulty. After all, we're to make a joyful noise unto the Lord! :D

Holy Soldier!
I pray that God will bless your time here with us.
Mike...indeed. I believe music is a vehicle and a tool and a gift that takes on the nature of the motivation of the person creating it. I don't believe in evil music, but I do think that misguided and deceived people sometimes use music for wicked purposes. You might wanna check out groups such as:

Living Sacrifice, Skillet, P.O.D., Bride, Deliverance, Ken Tamplin, Rez Band, Guardian, Vengeance Rising, Flyleaf, White Cross. Some are older, some are newer, but worth taking a look at I think.

Thank you forgivenWretch! I'm sure it'll be groovy. :)
Hi Holy Soldier, thanks very much for the update and the list. I'll definitely check them out and y0u've presented a common sense view of music as a vehicle, and I don't believe either that any music itself is inherently evil, it's all in the artist's motivation and purpose. :D