Greetings From The UK

Greetings From The UK

I just joined up and thought I'd pop in here to say hello
to everyone. So,

Hello to everyone :p

I already know your Admin, don't I Jeff, :p and he knows me from

I'll be popping in and out when I'm not too busy on my own site
and look forward to sharing with you all.

Now going to nosey around. See you soon :D


Staff member
Carer? Carer who?? :p
Welcome to our small friendly community! Hope you like it here as much as I do.
I hope you do like it here Jeff, since it's your site :D

Thanks for the welcomes guys. I'm going to go have a look
around again. Maybe stick my nose in somewhere with my
two pennies worth.

Hi Carer!

Welcome to the forum! I haven't been a member that long myself, but I have alredy found good friends here.:welcome:

Sylvanus said:
Hello UK !!
(Herts here)

'Hope you have good interaction here too :D

Hi Sylvanus
North East England for me. (The poor relation when it comes
to getting a share of the good weather) :p

Hi, adoptivemommy, well from one newbie to another,
welcome to you too. :D

Thanks to you both for your welcomes :p
Hi there Mustardseed, CarolineFaith and Mark,
thanks for your welcomes.

I look forward to sharing with you.
I've been busy 'elsewhere' and preoccupied with some things
recently. Need to sort out my 'Visiting List' and reset priorities.

Hope to be around a bit more though.

BTW Jef, you may want to check out a 'certain competition thread'
at Lampstand. :p ;)