Hi, I'm a new Christian looking forward to visiting here often so get guidance and direction. I'm going through a trial that's brought on severe depression and loneliness. I turned to my church (whom my kids attend faithfully) and gave myself to the Lord. I will never turn my back on God again. I'm fresh in the bible and have started with John. Learning SO much! Thank you for this forum. I feel secure here:)
Welcome, Jewels. I'm sorry about the trials you are going through, but I am glad that you turned to God, and that you found us. God will steer you through the rough seas and there are people here who will offer you comfort, support, and fellowship.
Hi Jewels, welcome to CFS, and more importantly welcome back into the fellowship of the Body of Christ. I'm sure you will be blessed by your time here, and if we can help in any way just ask.




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Oh Jewels, I'm so glad you are here! I'm sorry you have been going through some difficulties. Especially severe depression. I can tell you, though, I struggled with that for years. I couldn't even function normally off of antidepressants. And then God healed me. I haven't taken one in two years and life has never been better.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and the enemy wants to destroy you. But you are a child of God, and He is your protection! I'm so glad you are here and I'll look forward to getting to know you <3
Jewels! to CFS. Ya know sumtin ? I used to know a Jewels on a christian site, dont remember wich 1 to heheh O well. We r hot 4 God. So dig in and git acquainted heehhe

Chili out.
Jewels welcome to the forums....Great to have you aboard, make your self comfy here...Jesus is the reason we live for!! No other reason to live for...

God Bless you