Hi everyone! :) My name is Jody, aka IOACW. Strange nickname, huh? You see, I have so many different memberships in so many places like this for so many of my sites, (?) that I have to keep them straight some way! :confused: lol I've been a Christian all my life, saved and baptised when I was about 8 years old. I fell away from the Lord in my teen years and started hangin with the wrong crowd... (like so many before me!). I re-dedicated my life (and need to do so everyday!!) to the Lord in May of 1998 when I... :fish: well, the rest is my testimony and you'll have to read that later. (I just love these cool smilies) :eek:

I became interested in computers and the internet in 2000 when my wife brought home an old obsolete laptop from work. I always said "I hate computers, I don't need a computer, I don't want a computer!" My wife got me on the net and I began learning... soaking up the computer jargon and uses like a sponge. Then I discovered that I could make my own website, and made my first "WYSIWYG" type website on CompuServ. I was always redesigning my site. I grew tired of the WYSIWYG programs and taught myself a little html. That took me to Tripod where I could get free hosting with ads. It wasn't long before I grew tired of the ads and bought my first domain name! That came with a free hosting account and I was happy, for a while anyway.

I soon discovered that I felt a calling to spread God's love over the net thru my websites. Now don't get me wrong... I'm not a Pastor or Evangelist, and have no formal theological training, (it shows). Yet I wanted to make Christian sites and tell everyone about the wonderful free gift of salvation that awaited them in Jesus Christ!!

So here I am today with a dozen or so websites! My latest is IOACW. The "International Organization of Associated Christian Webmasters". So far it's nothing more than a directory of Christian sites, (a very small directory). But I'm working on it, and I'm of the opinion that a website should be constantly "under construction" of some kind, in order to stay fresh and alive like the internet... forever growing. Any of you that are interested in joining me in the venture, please contact me. I'm always available.

I also have my own small (re-seller account) hosting business... , and I offer free hosting service to Christian's for Christian sites. Youth groups, Churches, Ministries, etc... any non-profit Christian website. Even Christian families that want a personal family site can contact me, as long as they show their faith in the site. By the way... your site will be ad free!

WHEW! I've rambled on a long time... please forgive me! :eek: I'm off to read some of the posts and I look forward to making many new friends here. I wish all of you a very Blessed week!
Reminds me of when my husband made me actually 'touch' a computer in 1996. "Hmmm....what would I possibly need THIS for?", I asked.

It is very nice to see the work you are doing for the Lord and very nice to meet you.

Hi, Jody, that's quite a lengthly description about yourself! Welcome abroad. I'm glad you're serving the Lord in an area most familiar to you and in a job you love.
...a job you love.

Thank you for the 'Welcome' Mustardseed. However, the job you refer to, (which I take it you mean the hosting business), is actually a non-profit deal for me. I am my own best customer. My only customer! lol I'm currently seeking training for a new career.