I am a Fundamentalist, Bible-Believing Christian. I was recently banned from, which is under the dominion of "liberal Christians," devil-worshipers, and the sodomite lobby.

I think I am going to like it here! I am impressed by the fact that one must agree with the statement of faith in order to join. This demonstrates that the site is not another ecumenical project, but rather, separated unto the Gospel. :)

I look forward to participating.

- PreachingTruth
Welcome friend. I belong to that forum too but I find it too large to navigate. Anyway welcome to you from another new user here at Christian Forum Site.
Welcome brother- we seem to have quite a bit of diversity here but are united in the Lordship of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviuor- I look forward to talking to you- in His Name Larry
Welcome! Just curious isn't that considered an oxy-moron the "Liberal Christians" My apologies if i offend someone... im just curious lol
when you get banned from a site,for not being able to spell,then you know your on the wrong site,2nd time seems to be ok.i will not mention the other site.
I checked out Just too big and impersonal for my taste. Sounds like I made the right choice! Hooray for Bible believers! We gotta stick together, you know :groupray: