I have given more eye service to the George Zimmerman case in Florida than it will ever deserve. Most of us are guilty of this sin because it seems that the media is determined to conduct his trial in the National Press Services. If I could state that this is just a case of the lost's sinful condition, I might just put it out of reach but that is not the case!

I try to remain informed but for a very long time I refused to watch the View but that is great advise for the ungrounded, perhaps, but for an Evangelical Christian it is tantamount to putting one's head in the sand. You see, without contact it is difficult to discern, yes, that is to judge, the truth of the World's condition. Now, Whoopi and company are not, generally speaking, Christians. There are, however two young ladies, one white and one black, that profess the Christ as their own publicly.

This morning Miss Walters was busy ripping the heart out of George Zimmerman for not honoring her, reportedly, consented to interview. Now, was all that she reported this morning accurate? I have no way of knowing yet because all I have heard is one facet of the truth, hers. To his credit, Mr. Zimmerman did call in to be queried this morning but Miss Walters put on a very confident (smug?) look and refused to speak to him and his attorney.

So, has the truth been spoken in this facet of the ordeal? I, honestly, can offer no more than my, personal, opinion and each of us should be smart enough to know the dangers of single opinions. The Bible, God's Word, teaches us that there is wisdom in the council of many and to me that leans hard toward the opposite being true for single opinions.

So... what about the two ?Christians? On the show? The young white girl was quiet but the young black girl was asking leading and pointed questions that, to this observer, illustrated a forgone conclusion of guilt for Mr. Zimmerman, though he was beaten, bloody, nose broken, and from young life experience, with his bell being rung, loudly, before he ever reacted, instinctively, by pulling his ¨legally concealed Hand Gun and defending himself against a seventeen year old trying to bash his brains out on a concrete surface. And most important of all, she, a self professed Christian is trying George Zimmerman without even being seated on the Jury.

Christian, if you are a Christian, you are called to consult God on every decision you will ever consider making.
From the little I have seen, I feel for Zimmerman, seems he is on the full receiving end of a racist witch hunt.
I feel the same KJ. The white man in this and other countries was wrong, the black man in Africa making the sale was wrong and the both are wrong today... maybe all these wrongs will add up to a right... ? Dumb, stupid idea!