Not sure SC.....

The term "Halo" is not in scripture.

(I just happen to have a concordance out in response to a post Pastor Gary made.)

But I'll try to respond soon if I learn anything about that.
Quick search brought me here which talks about how originally Halos came from Pagan headwear.
halo 1563, from L. halo (acc.), from Gk. halos "disk of the sun or moon, ring of light around the sun or moon" (also "threshing floor" and "disk of a shield"), of unknown origin. Sense of "light around the head of a holy person or deity" first recorded 1646.nimbus 1616, "bright cloud surrounding a god," from L. nimbus "cloud," perhaps related to nebula "cloud, mist" (see nebula). Meaning "halo" is first recorded c.1730. Meteorological sense of "a rain cloud" is from 1803. Nimbostratus in the modern sense first attested 1932.
it seems to be a running thread through the bible and the world history,o my God etc ,so is o there god?jezebel stamp had a o ontop of a cross,jesus says listen o isreal the Lord is 1 Lord.is this how they were lost chasind an o god.was watching tv and all they say is o my god or o my lord or o man,etc.any thoughts on this and are they being controlled by satans spirit?
Huh? You are trying to connect the halo symbol with the letter o are you? I think you lost me Mike, can you clarify what you mean?
Hey, ya'll! Just thought I'd jump in here and give my 2 cents!
While I am no expert, I do like to learn bits of trivia such as this!
In the dictionary, halo is described as a ring of light around the sun; a symbolic ring of light around the head of a saint.
Back in the day, when the painters in the Renaissance period were painting saints and scenes from the bible, they wanted to portray the light of the Holy Spirit radiating from the people. (have you ever wondered what the two 'horns' were on Michalangelo's Moses were? The radiance of the glory of God) The best way they could depict this was a golden disc behind the head. This later evolved to a slender ring of gold. That only good people get them is a misnomer much like the depiction of angels as being feminine in long gowns and beautiful white wings. I have heard that this is actually a depiction of an idol (cant remember which one. was it Diana?) Over time, the meanings of things get blurred or forgotten.
Of course, there are also many shades of meanings and different interpretations. This is just my little bit of data.
Text as in the bible? No, all the angels named or mentioned were not female. Actually, the bible says that the angels do not marry or are given in marriage, and that makes some think that angels are asexual. Since they dont procreate, there isnt any necessity for the...equipment...huh?:D