Hamas Propaganda Exposed , A Must Watch (video)

The world is condemning Israel aggression against the Palestinians , but most of us outside of the middle east does not know the mindset of the Palestinians against Israel and Christians.

In this short clip, a Palestinian Christian Girl exposes the lies and propaganda of her country against Israel, and how the Arab Mulsim treat the Christians in Gaza, this is an eye opening information.
Then draw your conclusion if Israel should continue to defend itself against Hamas.


The girl in the video is a Christian who has been of persecuted by Muslims. But, she's not too bright, and if she were bright, she wouldn't have been given that video opportunity. For example, she notes the huge decline of Christians in the occupied area and blames Palestinians. But, it doesn't occur to her that the strong Christian population thrived there in a world free of a Jewish state. And, only after Israel arrived and changed the dynamics, especially with Christians being seen as allies of Israel, the area became much more hostile to Christians. Likewise in Iraq, Muslims are killing Christians, but only after the "Christian west" made ourselves enemies of Iraq. Until the Iraq war, Christians thrived in Iraq.

Palestinians are a ghetto people, and a people imprisoned in a ghetto. It's perverse to expect English civilization out of them, given the conditions imposed upon them.