Hamas TV Show Abuses Animals to Teach Kids Lesson


Hamas TV Show Abuses Animals to Teach Kids Lesson

Hamas TV Show Abuses Animals to Teach Kids Lesson
The latest episode of a popular Hamas children’s TV show features its main character cruelly swinging cats by their tails and throwing stones at caged lions in the Gaza zoo. The episode of Tomorrow’s Pioneers features a costumed adult playing Nahool the Bee at the zoo, tormenting domestic cats and lions. The lions become so enraged by the abuse that one of them repeatedly tries to attack Nahool.

Every time Nahool swings a cat by the tail, an act that can cause permanent physical and behavior problems for the animal, children can be heard bursting into laughter Ironically, the decision to terrorize and inflict physical pain on real animals in the episode is an attempt to teach children not to abuse animals. When the program returns to the studio, the children in the audience criticize Nahool for his behavior, and he is told never to do it again.
Note: Nahool is the character that replaced Farfur, the Mickey Mouse clone that was killed off in response to widespread international outrage that a knockoff of the lovable Walt Disney character was teaching children about hatred and world Islamic domination.
(By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Cook, Palestinian Media Watch, August 13, 2007)

Prayer Focus
Pray that those who defend children and animal rights will be outraged by this travesty of moral and civilized behavior.

“Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy†(Psalm 82:3).


Those people could give being an animal a bad name, actually they are acting worse than animals.
It is a well known fact that almost all people that are cruel to other people start by being cruel to animals.
We know that the spirit behind some of this is anti-christ so we shouldnt be suprised, but we must fast and pray as led by the Holy Spirit.


Amen Jax..... You are right. :amen:

Sorry to say, I experienced that first hand with my ex. I had a beautiful dog and he used to abuse it, till I could not stand it any more and I took him to an adoption place to be placed in a good home. It broke my heart but I knew I had to do it for the dog's sake and then like you said..... well the rest is history and don't want to go into it.