Happy Feet anti-Religious?!

It most definatly had anti religous undertones to it. But of those that watched it that I know, the preteens didn't catch it, the teens didn't care to set long enough to watch the movie. and four out of the six adults didn't catch it either.
Finaly one of the two while acknowledging it, didn't think it at all
There were other liberal agenda statements woven throughout the movie as well.

I know this isn't by any means scientific but probibly gives a basic idea of it's impact.

Being the one one who first noticed it and seeing how it was accepted I desided to let it pass rather than bring attention to it and therefore cause more to see it because of the controvercy.

More over the movie just confirms the liberal media agenda and just how they are in pushing it even to our children.
Fortunatly the little happy feet and the old, pop rock, ehtinic music distractd from the underlying themes and (i believe) caused them to miss their target.
Thank you guys, I was going to rent it- it would have been one in a long line of "children's" movies spiked with adult and/or inappropriate material- good save- I didn't want to waste the money or support this type of production.
If you can name one kids movie without sexual undertones, I'll be impressed. The thing is, the kids don't understand the sexual jokes and don't even notice it. If they do, well then they already knew about that and it doesn't matter anyways. The jokes are there to give the adults in the theatre with their kids a laugh so they don't get to bored.

The sexual undertones was not the issue with "Happy Feet". In relationship to that it stayed true to the habits or nature of the empirer pequins in that they mate for life. (one male and one female) It promotes famly and family values. A Biblical standard ,by the way, that movies and people should adhear to.
In that area "Happy Feet" was most pleasently better than the greater portion of movies out today including many childrens movies.

Sincerely his