Happy New Year to all


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Happy New Year to all


Wishing everyone at Christian Forum Site a Happy New Year. Thanks for being with
us and may God continue blessing you in 2007. In the meanwhile, we will continue
making your experience here as encouraging and enjoyable as possible.

Christian Forum Site has changed so much. Some of the new features added in 2006:
- Forum software converted from phpBB to a more secure and feature packed vBulletin.
- Hosting transfered and upgraded
- Photo Gallery added (Link)
- Arcade section opened (Link)
- Blogging system added (Link)

You can help us grow by inviting your friends to join the discussions and promoting it
through websites or email. When referring others to the community you can use the
referral link provided in the User CP. Please pray for everyone here so that God will use
us for the salvation of the lost.

-----Christian Forum Site '07----------Christian Forum Site '06-----

Amen, Jeff - Thank you for establishing this wonderful Christian Family Adventure.