Happy Sandwich Day !!

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Happy Sandwich Day !!

Say What?

Yeah - it really is:

Sandwich Day

When : Always November 3rd

We invite you to bite into your favorite sandwich, for today is Sandwich Day. The sandwich is truly a great creation. Sandwiches are a daily luncheon staple for millions of Americans.

The creation of the Sandwich:
The annals of English history report that John Montagu was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Among other things, the 4th Earl of Sandwich was a heavy gambler. Montagu often spent many long hours in London's gambling parlors. In 1762, he created the sandwich, by putting meat between two pieces of bread. This allowed him to remain at the gambling table for long periods of time. Obviously, the sandwich was named after him

Celebrate this special day by eating sandwiches at every meal! Consume your favorite sandwich. Better yet, be bold and daring..... try a new sandwich!

PS: Don't forget to wash your hands first.

Happy Sandwich Day!!!

Origin of Sandwich Day:

We know a lot about the sandwich how it was created and who it was named for. We did not find any information on who created Sandwich Day, or when this special day was first celebrated. We are certainly grateful for the sandwich, and agree it deserves this special day of recognition!

Please tell us all about your favorite by replying in this thread -
My favorite is
yummooooooooooo :)
LOLOL.. a very cute thread!!!!
hmmmm. guess i want a fried bologna samiche with mustard, and some barbeque chips!!! yummy!!!