Happy thanksgiving to everyone!!!

Happy thanksgiving to everyone!!!


I want to wish all of you a Happy and blessed and safe Thanksgiving. And, please, lets keep those in mind who has no one to spend the holidays with.

Dear heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank You for your promises of comfort. We ask that you visit those who has no one to spend the holidays with. Father, visit our troops who are away from their families and want so desperately to be home. Protect them and guide them and keep them from harm until the time is complete that they shall be able to be home with there families. Father, if there is any bitterness, and unresolved issues, anybody with an un-repentant heart, change it Father. Reach into their inner being and speak your words of forgiveness so that they will be able to forgive themselves and others. Father, come with and dine with us this Thanksgiving for it is you who provided for us. Lord, continue to help us help others who are in need. We thank You for the provisions that you have provided. We thank You for feeding the homeless this year, feeding the children this year, healing the sick and dressing those who has no clothing or shoes to wear. We thank You for you are a mighty God, a Wonderful God, a Loving God, a healing God, a Provider, Comforter and most of all "Our Savior." We thank You for all you will do and have already done in the mighty name of Jesus we pray.....AMEN

God bless you all,

A very blessed thanksgiving to everyone and to yor families! I pray for everyone safety and tummies this holiday:)

God bless you all!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Wishing you all of God's blessings. Since I work online from a College computer lab, it will be next Monday before I can return. So hope to be back on that day.
Merry Thanksgiving!!!!

P.S. You're doing well that have such a holiday. We don't have one in Ukraine. But, nevertheless, we're giving thanks to our Father every day :).