Happy to be here

Pastor Gary

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Happy to be here

After searching through several Christian forums, I chose this one to join because of the very friendly, sharing Christian format.

Looking forward to sharing Christian ideals, values and scripture with my new friends, here. May God bless...
Welcome, Pastor Gary
Looking at your location(s), I see you get around alot. We're sure to be blessed by your presence. To God be the glory.:evo:
Thank you, Liberty Very glad to be a part of this Christian Forum and I am looking forward to sharing Christian values, traditions, blessings and scriptural studies with everyone. I study the original manuscript texts in Hebrew, Aramaic, Chaldea, and Greek, so I have a broad understanding of God's original message to us as first etched in stone and placed on parchment by the prophets and scribes.

God's Blessings to all and thanks to the Administrator here for providing such a nice forum.
Your biography is impressive, and your work an inspiration to us all. Along with the others here, I welcome you to this forum. It's clear you have a lot to offer in discussion, and I will look forward to reading your posts. I know God will continue to bless your work.
Pastor Gary,

Welcome! If you have children feel free to stop by the family forum. Glad you have joined us.
Thank you all for the very warm welcome. I already feel like a 'family' member here. As I mentioned to Jeff in PM, I am available a couple days each week to answer scriptural questions. My answers are from the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Manuscripts from which the King James Version Bible was translated. However, since the King James Version is not entirely correct in translation and those who did the translating admitted this in their preface, it has been my objective over the years to know and understand God's Word to us in the original language forms that were scribed under God's direct dictation. So many of the "modern" bible tranlstions have errors and deliberate falsehoods contained within, so I have gone back to the original texts to know what was meant in the days that those manuscripts were written...before the traditions of Man changed those words to suit Man's agenda and biases.