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What's that? A spinach factory?

LOL- It is a fast food chain in southern USA that serves fried chicken and 'southern style' sides like coleslaw. It is similar to 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' in some ways but people who eat at 'Popeyes' say it's better.


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KFC serves southern style sides as well (including cole slaw, though they don't seem to have their awesome cornbread anymore). Kentucky is pretty southern. Popeye's is Cajun. It's got kick. Even their mashed potatoes have some kick.
I see a lot of Popeye commercials on TV but no outlets in Calgary. Too bad it looks good!
We used to have a place in Vancouver. It Colonel something or other, NOT KFC. They didn't last long.
We see various fast food outlets in NY when we venture south of the border, that don't now exist in Canada (although some of them might have done once, but some companies seem to pull out again after a while).

Makes for delicious choice, I guess...
my family's gonna be moving soon, possibly sometime this summer.
of course, it's hard to appreciate how much of a blessing this is if you don't know just how bad our previous house was. it was too small, in a shady neighborhood, we had all manner of insects infesting the house (mostly cockroaches :eek:), and there was a mold problem that was growing out of control.
once this began taking a serious toll on our health (my older brother has asthma), our aunt graciously offered to let us live with her rent-free until the actual move. that "actual move" is now close at hand, and i thank God for keeping us all this way. :D
I'm happy for modern day technologies like Smart Phones ( I think I'm getting a BB Z10 for Father's Day :D), my BB Playbook and downloadable music.
It was really nice to be taken out Sunday for Father's Day and NOT have to pay. Had a great meal, glass of raspberry beer and fun conversation with my son and daughter. Montana's is a great place for that.
I am real happy! My best Arab friend's little brother is leaving Syria and coming here!

He came to my house a few months ago for dinner, and sounded determined to stay, but, things are insane there now, and I think God has answered our prayers and found a way for him and his family to leave.


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We had the most productive praise team rehearsal tonight that we've had in months. I'm really looking forward to some of the new songs we are incorporating.
that reminds me of a miracle that happened last year. it was Good Friday. my mom, two brothers, and i were the only ones in the house. just outside, i hear an explosion of some kind. i can smell smoke and see it through the window, coming from a source not a few blocks away. then we heard the firetrucks. being the curious sort, i got on my bike and tried to ride down the street to see what happened, but the traffic was too backed up and i couldn't get through. that's when i got a call from a friend of mine. he was checking on me because he saw on the news that a plane had crashed into the apartment buildings near my house. i couldn't believe it; a plane crash, this close?

but here's the really amazing part: after all was said and done, not one person died in that crash. no one. not even the pilot. God is still good. :)

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I think the most positive thing I have heard in years is the creation of flesh in 3d printers. I am in silent awe of how millions of people are going to have everything corrected with their body parts.