Hard Drive And Head Drive.

Aug 19, 2014
Your body is a machine, a complex biological machine designed to hold your spirit.
Your head, brain, is like your computer hard drive [and your CPU, but lets not get too complex].
Is it running slow?
getting errors?
you need to defragment your drive every so often,
ie move all the information about so it runs more smoothly.
Is your bedroom a mess? clean it up.
FIRST delete all your web browsing, old photos, junk. then DEFRAG.
Your Brain is also like that,
its your hard drive, its where you keep all your info and access it to live.

time to delete:
REPENT of looking at porn, or dwelling on evil, or any kind of thoughts, swearing, Smoking, gambling, addictions of any kind, eating disorders, self obsessed depression, poor me worthless creature, stewing over poor relationships, money woes, getting ripped off etc etc.
YEP your brain is pretty screwed up.
Clean it out and defrag: Repent, ask God to forgive you and cleanse you,
then get out your bible and put something good in your head
And when I mean clean I mean CLEAN.
Clean favourites, clean history, clean folders, subfolders, links.
You CAN'T hold onto anything, not even a single file,
because God will only deal with you up to that point,
that is a block, you can wait there for years until you decide you really want to move on.
If you move beyond that block without dealing with it you may taint all future information.
But how do I deal with it?
Well you get a helper who has virus protection, called the Holy Spirit.
VIRUS protection?,
you need it, The HOLY SPIRIT is your virus protection, you need to get in touch daily for updates.
If you access evil then your opening the door to a virus.
Believing in Jesus and being born again is a total operating system change. its like moving from windows 8.1 to Apple. Did you read the user agreement? did you read the operating system manual? I thought not.
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Jul 22, 2010
Better yet switch of windoze and run Linux and never ever need to defrag again, never need to worry about viruses or much of anything else of a nasty nature.
Sorryyyy but this is the tech board not the spiritual fitness board, but I do like your post:)
Very creative.
Apr 28, 2014
To the tech side, I'd certainly agree that Linux tends to be low maintenance. Of course there are software updates with security fixes, etc and things can go wrong but the general slowdowns and sometimes inexplicable OS crashes where I'd have to consider defrag or worse reinstalling the OS are things I put behind me say 10 years ago with our (first mine then my parents PC) our move from Windows.

As for licence agreements, I don't think I'm good at understanding them. I once got an email from someone (very helpful and understanding) than my wording actually made what was intended by me to be open source into proprietary!