Has anyone ever.......

Has anyone ever.......

Has anyone ever had their child diagnosed with ADHD or ADD? I was wondering if you have what and if you have done anything about it? Hence meds, etc.
My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, but she also had a few other problems . She's an adult now, and still has some problems. We had her on meds for a while, but took her off ourselves, because we felt we could do better ourselves. I wish we knew back then how to pray with authority instead of the prayer "request". Things might have been a little different.
I'm curious why you ask. Are you going through a situation in your life that we could pray with you about?
Dear Autumn,

Sorry for not answeringthis for some time. My password did not work and getting a new password seemed to be a difficult process since I am only on once a week and emails would take a while to get to me.

My youngest of four has an ADD diagnosis. She is not ADHD. There are many schools of thought about this. There are also different "types" of ADD.

It would be helpful if you gave more information and I can answer your questions from the viewpoint of a Elementary Christian School Principal. Is your child experinecing difficulty with organization, low grades, too much effort to get good grades, difficulty making friends, inability to stay on task??? What problems are you experiencing? Are you feeling pressure to place your child on meds? If so, where is that pressure coming from?
Yes my son

First I will tell you I have been very skeptical of this diagnosis for many years but my experiences have changed my mind.
One of my sons was having a lot of trouble. He was also not learning anything very fast. He was diagnosed and prescribed medication. I was against it for many reasons both social and medical. My wife made some good points, so we went with it. My child’s life changed immediately. His grades shot up, The national test score result shot up and he became a happy boy. This was a few years ago. I am glad I was not stubborn. You may not have the same situation I had. May God give you wisdom to discern it.
Mediaction can sometimes be a Godsend but from what I have seen sometime it can be a simple matter of removing excess sugar from a childs diet- of that doesn't work then certainly consider the meds.
I don't have I child but I am "suffering" from ADHD. My Mother used to give me constant reminders that I could not use ADHD as an exuse for doing something I shouldn't have. I'm geussing that helped me out in some way. XD