have any of you heard Jesus

Do you mean like in a voice in your head? Or outside your ears?

One time, (when I was trying to quit smoking) I fell on the bed in despair because I had failed again. I cried out "Jesus! Why cant I quit?"
Very clearly, I heard in a voice that is not my own (in my ears, or in my head? dont know for sure) "You dont trust Me enough." What He said was true, and it convicted my heart. He was not condescending or angry, just rather matter of fact.
Another time, I was going thru a particularly bad patch and I had cried out to Him for help. I went to church that night. After the singing, the pastor got up and said "Ya'll are in for a treat tonight. I had a sermon all planned out, but God is telling me to do something else." Then he proceeded to have us read Mathew....it was either chapter 5 or 6. But these were the words that I heard: "Do not worry. Everything is going to be alright. Go to church, do what I tell you to do, and everything will be alright." A weight lifted off my back, tears poured down my face. My situation didnt change immediately, but it DID change. Later, I went back to the bible to read that again, and those exact words in that order was not there.
There are many other instances where I have heard Jesus, but these were the most dramatic and obvious.
Have you heard from Jesus?
Jesus has spoken to me many times, especially through the past 7 years. During the early part of this time, I was not walking the walk, and He and I were, well, let's say at odds.

Nothing was going right. I had just given up a job that I had had for the past 15 yrs, for what I thought would be a great step upwards in the direction of financial security, and earthly pleasure.

Needless to say God had other things in mind. The 1st ten weeks of my new job was training, which meant I would be a way from home for the majority of the time. During this time things began to happen, things that I now realize were happening because He was trying to get my attention. It is amazing how stubborn we can be and how thick headed we become.

Well let's see, during this ten week span, I became sick with gallbladder, our house burnt to the ground, one of my brother in laws passed away ridden with cancer, and I nearly was terminated one day at work for leaving some checks laying out on the desk when making a deposit.

One year later I was knocked back down, this time with coronary artery disease and was found to have a 95% blockage. This as usual [as my luck goes] was merely the beginning of another attempt to get my attention. Well, the next several months proved to be quite rough. I was in and out of the hospital with recurring chest pain. I spent probably 78% of the rest of the year in the hospital. Finally after the third attempt and 4 stents, I was back at work.

Next, I was becoming severely depressed and this started a time in my life for the next 3 years was a ride of pure hell, even though there were at times things happening that made be believe things would get better.

I received a promotion, which also meant a huge move for me and my family. The next 8 months were probably the worst months of my life to this point. Nothing went right, nothing, the store I was put in was the worst in the company. At the end of the 8 month, I was ripped from my promotion and returned to my former position, but the store I was placed in was an hour and half away from home. We were struggling majorly financial because I had been sucked in to the real estate markets web.

Our house went into foreclosure, we were 6 hrs away from all family, two hrs after getting home from being demoted, I received a call that my step mother had passed away.

I can go one but I might be here all day. My point is that I most definitely know Jesus and He and I communicate daily. For the past 3 years we have lived solely by His graces, He has been our provider. Worldly views place me in one of the lowest poverty levels there are, but I truly am one of the richest people on the fade of this earth simply because I do know Jesus and as He wishes for all of us, I completely turned my life over to Him.


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just a couple of questions ,do you think Jesus made you ill,to get your attention.?also you say you know how he wants us to live,but how can the world turn if all were with christ.people would not exploit others.so how do we live.?what jobs are acceptable and what jobs are not acceptable.?
I have had experiences where I God has spoken to me.

It mostly happens with my grandmother. How I know its Him speaking through her is that she speaks in this odd, clear voice. She just speaks more clearly and simply, just straightforward. Its hard to explain, really. :eek:

And then when I look back and listen to those words, its not my grandmother's voice I hear but another voice.

:D Its really, really hard to explain, lol.
Smellycat, No I know that God did not make me sick. Anything that happens to us no matter how bad, God is never to blame. It is so sad that so many attempt to blame God for the sins of man.

SC, from the very beginning when the forbidden fruit was taken, God said that all man kind would pay the price.

If everyone were a Christian and were truly Christ like, we would not know the world as it is today. As far as jobs, a little common sense goes a long way. As Christians we should do some majoring praying, and ask for His guidance.


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maybe you should read your above post it reads like he hurt you to get your attention.God rebuked me and i went to Jesus and repented.is this what you meen.
When we step out of the walk of faith and rebel and do as WE please, we are no longer under His covering. We are now open to attacks from the enemy and he has a field day with us. Its not that God did it, but that we, ourselves, have placed ourselves in a position to be attacked. We are in the enemy's territory, so to speak.
ForgivenWretch, it sounds like you've been rung thru the wringer! But have come out faithful to the end. There will be rich rewards for that!
... I wish I could tell you that He once spoke to me but that would be a very false statement. You see, God spoke to me in November of 1966 and He still communicates with me to this day. It might even seem a bit more plausible to the lost man I could say that God speaks to me once every day at the same time but that would still be incorrect. God speaks to me all day every day. Sometimes it is a still uiet voice that only I hear and sometimes it is through a friend or a sermon.
... You see, the way we live our lives, the order of importance we give to God and the folks we choose to spend time with has a very great influence on whether or not God speaks to us. I spend a lot of time with my LORD because I choose to make Him first in my life.


Jesus speaks to us thro many ways.

1. His words.

2. His teachings.

3. Thro prayers.

4. Fasting.

5. Still small voice.

6. Thro Anointing.

7. Thro His servants.

8. Thro special manifestations.

9. Thro Prophets.

10. Thro His creations.

11. Thro Lot.

12. Thro His children.
When was in college, I had a network programming assignment due. I was in the lab working on it one Saturday and was having major trouble finding an error. My mom came to have lunch with me and we prayed. When I went back to the computer, I began looking for the error again. Suddenly, a voice in my head said, "David, look right here." I looked and saw the error. That was Jesus at work.