Have Some Praise Reports

You know, it's been a while since the last prayer request I placed on CFS. So it's about time I mentioned some praise reports.
I like to start off and say, How gracious and merciful our God is. All through each struggles God has brought me through it all this past year.
My sister and I was without lights and gas for a while. Now since October of 2010 our utilities are back on once again. I had also been without internet at home which we had our home phone connected to it. Praise God! it is now back on again and through Magic Jack our home phone is restored.
My sister was in the hospital the week before Christmas weekend and was released to come home just 4 days before Christmas. I thank God for being with us on Christmas day to celebrate Jesus's birthday with a Christmas song I wrote. I was able to play music with the gift of a electronic piano.
So many times God has made a way where it seemed impossible to even think of a way through situations. Even when my car had stopped working God provided a bus token left on a sidewalk on my way walking to a near by College. I needed a way to get downtown to the bus terminal office to pick up some tokens since it was the only other transportation to get around.
I'm so thankful to have the Lord as my Saviour, king and friend. I can't help to say, blessed be the Lamb of God.
Good to see you back, CCDiane. He is truly worthy to be praised. I'm going to spend some extra time in prayer tonight praying specifically for you and your situation as I feel like the Holy Spirit is prompting me to do so.