Have You Experienced Similar Lately?

God laid it on my heart to go witness to a guy at work. I planned to be with him for only around 3-4 minutes. During those 3-4 minutes, I am harassed by four people requesting my urgent help. Witnessing turned into thirty minutes with me having to explain myself to the four who not only brought work but now their own opinion on what I was discussing. I sat them all down one by one and rather brashly 'put their opinions in place' and explained the unacceptability of their rudeness in interrupting me.

I am left wondering if it was God or the devil who stopped me. Or perhaps God wanted all five to hear the gospel albeit from an irritated ambassador?

Thirty minutes later at my desk, no interruptions. One hour later, no interruptions. Two hours later, no interruptions. The whole afternoon, no interruptions. Go figure :mad:.

Next time I will try say a prayer to 'bind' the devil :), hope it works.