He and We are Risen

Have you yet to encounter, that even though you know you’re right with God in Christ, there occasionally seems to be something still radically missing? Regardless the effect, the cause is the same. Due to the separation from the majority of the populous of society (world) which accompanies the believer’s life, we are caused to notice the great source of worldly affections we were such a long time familiar with and depended upon have left a void, which the Lord Jesus is gradually refilling—with Himself (Col 3:4).

It usually takes a while, but believers are eventually brought to the realization that there is no call for us to expect there to be an attempt to make this world a better place for God and for those who His, because not only will this be put upon the Lord Jesus Himself at His next appearing, but the world from Adam until then is already made shipwreck and condemned.

The “Kingdom” can only come with its King, and the world’s kingdoms will have nothing in what He will bring, thus the protocol of the saint in glorifying God is twofold; to draw the “lost,” and strengthen the “saved.”

“No one engaged in warfare (2Co 10:4) entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him (God) who enlisted him as a soldier (2Ti 2:4). See also 1Co 7:31.


He and We are Risen​

I am afraid that when we speak of being here for Christ it is often the thought of our service or conduct that is prominent, and therefore it is well to be reminded that there is something over which the Lord Jesus is more concerned than He is over our conduct or our service. It is that “garden closed,” that “spring shut up,” that “fountain sealed,” from which all others but Himself are excluded—the hidden spring of those affections which alone satisfy His heart, or render conduct and service acceptable to Him.

No doubt there are many believers who have not yet reached the risen Lord Jesus*, simply because they have not had a Paul to “espouse” them to that “one husband” (2Co 11:2). They have not “heard” of His glorious victory, or of His new place as the Risen One; they are struggling on in Egypt’s darkness and bondage; their lives are being wasted in worldly thoughts and upon worldly things, and in many cases they only believe they are doing God’s service—going in for politics, peace movements, etc. They are trying to improve Egypt, instead of seeing that the whole scene is under the Enemy’s influence and the judgment of God.

If believers realized that the whole system of the world was under the judgment of God, they would be heartily glad to be cleat of it all. But how few there are to proclaim that the world is a judged thing before God, and that the Lord Jesus and all the blessings of Christianity can only be found on the ground of resurrection and ascension. How few there are in Christendom today who are really seeking to bring souls to a Risen Lord—to espouse them to one Husband.

You know as a matter of fact that to be a good citizen, and to take part in everything that is supposed to tend to the improvement of the world, is looked upon by many even evangelical believers at the present day as a part of Christianity; and all the great religious bodies are more or less occupied in seeking to improve their position and enlarge their influence in the world.

We cannot be too careful as to the influences which we allow to act upon us. We are affected by all that we hear and see and read—unconsciously it may be. The damage is done before we know it; like Ephraim, we have grey hairs and know it not (Hos 7:9). I do not think that you can put yourself under the influences of the ministry which is generally found amongst evangelical Christians, either by hearing or reading it, without suffering loss to your soul*. You will find your heart turned back to things here—perhaps religious things—and correspondingly brought away from the Lord Jesus in glory*. True affection for Him is blighted thereby, for He can only be known personally in glory, as One utterly rejected by man.

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfortably unto her” [margin, “to her heart”] (Hos 2:14). If our affections are true to the Lord Jesus, they will make this world a wilderness to us; but if our affections do not make it a wilderness, His government will—He loves us too much to allow our heart to nestle here; and He makes us conscious that it is in a wilderness that He may have opportunity in our loneliness and our sorrow to speak to our hearts. The Voice that could not be heard in the din and bustle, and amid the laughter of the city, can be heard in the silence and solitude of the wilderness. Have you never has a wilderness interview with the Lover of your soul?

- C A Coates

Poster’s Notes:
* “reached the risen Lord Jesus”: I believe this could be in reference to saved individuals who have believed in Christ but have yet to learn Scripture which pertains to His doctrines, as in 2Co 11:4, which can be to the weakening of one’s faith (Mat 22:29), but never breaking it (Mat 24:24), because being “espoused” to Christ results in definite union (John 6:37).

* “loss to your soul”: again, loss of strength in faith but never falling, as an apostate (one who knowingly professes Christ falsely) would; which is dependent on Christ, not the believer (Jude 1:24).

* “brought away from the Lord Jesus in glory”: possibly a reference to being mentally distracted from the Lord in His present glory—Heaven (Col 3:1, 2).

Daily Devotional by Miles J Stanford