He Lifted Our Burdens

There are many people in this world who are walking in spiritual darkness. Sin has dominion over their lives. They are in slavery to the passions of their fleshly desires. They cannot please God. They have no hope for life everlasting with God, their creator and Savior.

Yet, Jesus Christ died on a cross to save them. He crucified and buried our sins with him, and then he rose from the grave in victory over sin and death. He did this so we might be forgiven our sins, and so we might have eternal life with God in heaven; so we could be set free from the burden of sin, and so we could walk in victory in the Spirit of God within us.

The way we come to know him is by receiving his free gift of salvation by faith, submitting to the work of the Spirit in transforming our hearts away from the darkness of sin to walking in the light of Jesus Christ and his love.

He Lifted Our Burdens / An Original Work / February 15, 2014
Based off Isaiah 9:2-7

People walk in darkness.
They abide in their sin.
It has power o’er them.
True belief escapes them.

Jesus Christ came to save them.
He gave His life up for them;
Crucified; died for our sin,
So we might be forgiven,
And have life up in heaven.

Many come to know Him.
God’s love now o’erflows them.
They rejoice in vict’ry.
Their sin is but hist’ry.

We were once bound in slav’ry.
Jesus lifted our burdens;
Set us now free from Satan,
So we now walk in freedom.
Sin has no more dominion.

Praise be to our Savior!
He showed us His favor.
He took all our burdens;
Cast them all upon Him.

He is our mediator;
The Light which shines in darkness.
Counselor in our troubles;
He gives peace now in our hearts;
Joy which is everlasting.

As I again read through the lyrics to this song yesterday, and the introduction, as well, the Lord Jesus encouraged my heart and filled me with much hope regarding loved ones who are still bound in sin and who need God's healing in their lives, which can only be found through faith in God's saving grace to us in delivering us out of bondage to sin and in resurrecting us to new lives in Jesus Christ.