"he shall rule them with an iron scepter"

"he shall rule them with an iron scepter"

Ok, this something I went back to again and again in the last weeks.

It came sometime last year, some months back. I was speaking in tongues and asked for an interpretation, in the same time. Then I heard a voice say "I do not give like the world gives". I could talk with that voice. I believe it was Jesus. I went into the bathroom and tried to listen, still praying in tongues. Jesus said "I like to come to my believers, it's so stressful in Heaven". I asked Jesus, "What do you mean with stressful? Aren't you an omnipotent God?". He replied, "I rule there with an iron scepter." I was a bit afraid, and asked, "Jesus, what do you mean?". He said something along the line "I give people self esteem, that turns into struggle for them".

Later Jesus went away.

While He spoke, Jesus' voice was soft and tender. He told me not to have evil thoughts.

But could this really be an interpretation of what is in the bible? In fact it does say in Revelation that God (and some of His followers), rule humanity with an iron scepter. Think of all the clashes in the world. They mostly come because some people gain large self esteem, and with that power they get into conflicts and come out victorious. This actually results in much strive, because many people have self esteem, not just a few. And when you have much self esteem, there is little room left for esteeming much other people or God. It's kinda like a revenge really, God gives people what they want, and still rules over them.

What do you think?