He Touched My Mouth

Feb 8, 2013
Akron, Ohio
Isaiah and Jeremiah were prophets of God in Old Testament times. When they spoke in the name of the Lord God Almighty, they spoke the exact words of God for his people, i.e. they were the word of God. All the law and the prophets were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Word (see John 1). He is God. We have the written word, the Bible, and we have the Living Word, Jesus Christ, via his Holy Spirit, living within those of us who are truly His. He speaks his words into our hearts, and he speaks out through us, his servants. We are his witnesses. We are to teach, encourage, strengthen, counsel, and give guidance. All of that comes from his written word and from the Living Word living within us and out through us, and in the power of his Holy Spirit touching our mouths and giving us the words to speak.

He Touched My Mouth / An Original Work / June 13, 2012

Based off Isaiah 6:1-8; Jeremiah 1:4-9

Oh, I saw the Lord
Seated on His throne,
High and lifted up;
Holy is the Lord!
The earth is full
of His glory.
“Woe to me,” I cried,
“I’m of unclean lips.”

My Lord touched my mouth
With His cleansing pow’r;
Removed all my guilt,
Paid for by His blood.
He asked, “Whom shall I send;
Who will go for us?”
I said, “Here am I.
Send me!”

Before I was born,
God set me apart;
He appointed me
To His servant be.
I said, “I don’t know
How to speak.
I am but a child.”
Then, the Lord replied:

“Do not say to me,
‘I am but a child.’
You must go to all,
And do what I say.
Do not fear them,
For I’m with you.”
My Lord touched my mouth;
Gave me words to say.

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