Head Start

Head Start

My 6 year old and I were talking on Sunday and he said to me, "God is supposed to be first in everything." I agreed with my son on that. Then he looked at me and said, "And that is why I always let God have a head start and go first." I thought those words were some of the wisest things I have heard. We need to all be like that! We need to give God a head start. Give him a chance to go first. So often we get so worried that God isn't going to do things that we are hoping he will do, or that God isn't going to give us an answer in time, and then we take matters into our own hands, make our own decisions, and just do our own thing. We need to remember to give God that head start. Give him time to work and to do what he plans to do.

Just a thought for today from the mouth of my 6 year old. :)
Bookworm..... What a precious child you have there . Cherish those moments as they grow up so fast.

Out ot the mouth of babies... They can teach us so much . No wonder Jesus told us we must become like children as they are so innocent and trusting and loving.
My 6 year old had a couple more good ones recently. :)

He was "reading" a bible in the car and he was "reading" the story of creation..... and he said that God created Adam, and then Adam wanted a playmate...... :D My mom and I laughed so much. We wondered what version of the Bible he was reading! :p (He doesn't read yet, so he was telling us his version of the story and pretending to read it to us.)

Then, two days ago he was dusting the stairs for his chore and he came to us and said, "I told God that he can have this dust so that he can make more people."
That is so cute . I think you should be compiling all those things in a book and keeping them for when he gets older and you can present it to him ..... Maybe when he gets married or some special occasion.

By the way Breath of God .... Were you called Bookworm before as I see my earlier post ?
LOL I was wondering why you said Bookwork Dusty :D

Wow that's so incredibly cute hehe God bless your 6 year old child :)
Tonight my son had some more words of "wisdom"..... :D

As I was tucking him into bed, and we finished his prayer and song, he asked me if we could pray about "sin." I said yes, and told him that he can pray and I'd pray with him. (Side note: He just accepted Jesus as his savior a couple of weeks ago when he realized on his own that he has sin.) So, I told him that when he prays, just talk to God like he would talk to me, and he can just say something like God, forgive me of my sins, or whatever he wants to say. My son said "okay", and then folded his hands and closed his eyes. I closed my eyes and folded my hands too. He prayed, "Jesus, I forgive you. Amen." I looked at him and asked him why he was forgiving Jesus because Jesus never sinned. He looked at me with all seriousness and said, "Because Jesus took all of our sins." I then had to explain that yes, Jesus took all our sins, but then he threw them all in hell and locked it up with the key, so he doesn't have them anymore. ;)