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As I sit here coughing and my nose constantly running, I wonder to myself what medication I could take to make myself heal and feel better. Hmmmm seems I asked myself that so many times in the last year in regards to my inner emotional health.

My inner self had been so damaged by all my past relationships. In taking a few moments to reflect, I think about all the hurts and pains I have experienced in life. It is funny the quote that just came into my mind was one I had told my physical therapy patients years ago back in that little rural hospital. “No Pain, No Gain”. Yikes pain! No one likes that word. Pain hurts. I hurt. My heart hurts. Like so many of my friends at Empowered Recovery hurt.

I loved them all so much. My first boyfriend, my ex-husband, and the latest the man who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I asked myself over and over again Why Me? That is a question we all wish we had the answer to. Lately, I have said to myself why not me? I am such a stronger person because of all the hurts and pains I have gone through. But gosh darn it, that healing process we all have to go through hurts.
I mean really hurts! It brings tears, sleepless nights, frustration and a merry go round of feelings.

There was no magic pill I could take to heal. As with my cold, I can take the latest and greatest cold medication and be better in a week. Not so with healing from an alcoholic relationship. It took time. Looking back, I thought some days would never end! I thought some days seemed like 72 hours instead of 24!

Let’s take a look at the word heal.

H Health
E Emotion
A Attitude
L Love

Health: In order for me to heal, I had to start taking care of me in all ways including proper eating, rest and exercise. Once my body started feeling better, my emotional state started feeling better.

Emotion- Well I am the emotion queen of all time. I could cry at the drop of a pin. It is ok to cry. Get angry. I had to get the emotions out to heal. If we try to hold them in we could drown ourselves in the pain.

Attitude- I have found that my attitude started with the moment my feet hit the floor in the morning. We all choose our attitude. Just as the A’s choose to drink. We have the choice to choose our attitude. Start you day out right with a positive attitude.

Love- Oh that four lettered word. I remember writing about it before. The best thing that I have learned is that in order for me to heal, I must love myself. Once I love myself, then I can truly start enjoying life and everything life has to offer.

In closing I will say healing takes time. Just as it will take me a week to get over this cold, it will take time for you to heal from the pain of an alcoholic relationship. Do not give up. You will make it. Some will heal quicker than others. Who said we have to be healed by tomorrow? But if you do not start your self healing process today, you will still the pain will continue to drown you.

Keep reading. Keep posting. Keep sharing. There are so many of us out there. But together we can heal. We can help one another. If you are feeling today that you are hanging over that edge of the cliff and hanging on by one hand, reach out with the strength you have left,, reach to us, reach to those that love you, hang on, tell yourself, I am coming life, I want to heal. I want freedom from the pain. So today, I say “No Pain, No Gain”.. I want to gain my freedom. Don’t you? Work through the pain. I would much rather work through this pain and have a great life, than sit back and let the world pass me by.

Most of all , Look to the Lord to heal you, love him and trust in him. He is the great healer of all..



Psa 62:5 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

Thank you for sharing this faithwoman. Yes, we must love ourselves before we can love others. We are all part of his creation and his creation is marvelous.


God gives healing in many ways.
He gave us a marvleous built in facility for our bodies to fight of sickness and reapir itself.
He gives us doctor's and the herb's of the field for medicine.
He gives us devine healing.
He gives us ultimate healing when He calls us home.
All healing is from God and none can happen without His hand.