Hell No!

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Mar 12, 2012
I've talked to my uncle about God. He told me he was living just fine and didn't find the need to include a god in his life. Besides, he had never seen any sign that there could be a god. As much as he wanted to believe, he simply can't see himself talking to someone he can't believe it exists. My uncle, whom I love, will suffer the most horrible torture any person could be subject to. One that has never seen the light of day - yet. Not even Hitler could impose such tormenting torture. My uncle will suffer the torture that never ends. My uncle will go to hell. Who could have created such an awful place?... God. My God. The God I want him to know. He better do it.

The idea of torture is something any mentally sane person is repelled from. How much of us would bear to watch someone being tortured? And I'm not saying your loved ones, I'm saying ANYONE. Imagine a killer. A man who murdered 50 people. Could you bear to watch him being tortured for one hour? One day? One week? After one month of excruciating agony, would you believe he'd deserve to suffer any more? I couldn't, and I'm far from being perfect. How could a loving God subject ANY of his children to eternal torture? I guess He couldn't.

This is something that troubled me for quite some time. Then I've studied the subject and came to the conclusion that Hell such as it's taught has no biblical background. I encourage all of you to read this article. http://www.tentmaker.org/articles/jesusteachingonhell.html It covers many relevant topics concerning this issue.

I came to peace with this thorn on my faith. I hope that those, such as me, were finding Hell to be so incoherent with the Christian faith may find the same peace I did.
Oct 2, 2007
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