Hello all.

Hello all.

Just a quick introduction. I've been Christian about four years now, have a fourteen year old son, also Christian. Before I was Christian I spent a long time involved in the occult, witchcraft, and extreme forms of political activism. Christ got my attention through my husband's illness (which turned out to be fatal.) However, I'm glad to say that my husband became a Christian four months before he died, so I know I'll meet him in heaven one day.

Needless to say life has changed dramatically since I've become Christian. All my old friends fell away (some actually became out and out enemies) and many of my old habits changed. It strikes me with some irony that I'm typing on a Christian board today... five years ago I know exactly what I'd have been doing on the Summer Solstice, and it wouldn't have been sharing with Christians! I'm glad that God caught me, changed me, and is continuing to change me. I look forward to getting to know you folks better, and ask you to pray for my son and I, that we can be good witnesses for Christ where God has put us.

And thank you to the admin of this site for providing a place of Christian fellowship, and for letting me post here.

God bless you all.
Welcome Daughter :)

I guess 10 or 12 years ago i would have thought it weird to be posting on a christian forum . so i know what you mean . especially about people just ceasing contact and such .

hope you enjoy it here .

I'm sure I will enjoy it here. Just wanted to add that today I've been blessed by discovering a channel that simply reads the Bible all day long. UCB Bible they call it, in this country at least. I don't know if you have anything similar in other parts of the world, but it helped me a lot today as I was pottering about the house, doing dishes, etc.
Welcome to CFS, Daughter. I've appreciated your posts on another forum site and look forward to your contributions here.
Your testimony is great. I got goosebumps just reading your testimony! God is good. We are never TOO "far off" from him. Remember, he is GOD! We are never, ever too far out of reach for him to grab our attention!


And I'm sorry about the loss of your husband, but also a great thing that he accepted Jesus! HOW EXCITING!
Welcome to the forum daughter - your testimony is an inspiration - look forward to hearing more from you :)