Hello and God bless

Hello and God bless

Hello and God bless!
I am finally in and glad to be here. I've been reading and posting in the other section for a little while.
Very kind of you to find our Christian familiy on the net and join with us in Praising God and Praising Christ by fellowshipping and sharing. :)

Blessings to you...

:welcome::welcome::welcome:to CFS. We are glad you decided to join us. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for introducing yourself.

Please take a moment and review the links below then jump right in.

We also have ministry "Social Groups" that you can join. May God direct your decision.

God bless,

We're so happy you found and joined our forum! I look forward to fellowship with you!

Blessings, Cheri

You can never post too much :smiley90:

I guess I was excited about posting my first day.
Thats what I thought too until this morning when I remembered one place I used to go it was said this is spamming, if you answer too many posts OOPS! :smiley80:
I always thought spamming was bad things, not just replying.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you one here!

And to those who are not from America, that just means although we are thankful to God everyday, we especially have a thankful heart toward Him today :D