Hello Christian Forum Site :)

Hello Christian Forum Site :)

This is my first post but I will assume people here use CFS to refer to the site. Thank you CFS staff for accepting my application. Look forward to the fellowship here. My Name is Ryan Tomlinson. I am 24, Married for 4 years, Father of 2 boys. Isaiah just turned 1 today! Elijah Turn 3 in October. I enjoy playing guitar, piano, drums. I like to write worship music. I lead worship for my church on friday nights. Me and my wife help with childrens church still at our old church. We ran a christian teen center aRealworld.org . It is currently closed due to funds but hope to open again soon. My wife is in school fulltime going to be a Adolescent Psychiatrist. I started a christian video site. Its like a faith based social network. Feel free to check it out at christianvolume.com Its still new so there is a lot of work to be done to it. So since I am new here, where is the best topics to start with?

Not sure yet if this forums adds friends, but if so feel free to befriend me and let me know if I can do anything for you. I am always happy to pray and give whatever 2cents I have to offer on a subject.

Ryan T:smiley10:
Hey Dusty,

Thanks for the warm welcome. I already posted one other post, but I am reading the link now before I post any more.

Ok, thanks for letting me know. When checking the link please keep in mind that ChristianVolume is still a couple months old so its not the best yet. But it is defiantly 100% Christian.

Ryan T


Jul 27, 2007
Hey Again,

I just noticed that my signature still has the website link on it. Do I need to remove that until I hear back from you? I don't want to break any rules. Thanks
If you don't mind removing it for now and then when you can use your PM after you are a full member ( post numbers) you can ask HisManySongs the administrator about your site and posting as I said in site showcase . Thanks for your understanding and God Bless .
Sep 6, 2008
The South
From one Georgian to another Georgian...WELCOME RYAN TO CFS!!!!!:smiley10::smiley10::smiley10:ummmmm...I just had to do that!! heheheeeeeeeeee.