Hello everybody!!

Hello everybody!!

:smiley10: Hi, I'm cali, and I love talking about the end times and the rapture of the church. I love making friends, and being a watcher on the wall.
Hello and welcome! The rapture is a very interesting topic and one that I love to discuss as well :) I'm looking forward to fellowship with you!

Hi xspinning, I can't do my profile yet as I don't have enough posts or something.:smiley10: Love this smilie...........
Yup, you need a certain amount of posts to post in other sections and to do your profile. :)

I've been here for months, and I've never used those kinds of smiley's! Weird, huh?
:confused:I don't understand Michael, are you saying you don't believe in the rapture?
I do believe a rapture is possible .. though the verse in the gospel referring to it seems to indicate the wicked will be taken away . but all that aside .. that's a question i'm living in . no exact conclusion at the moment .

but i was joking on Enoch and Elijah, wise . and if you figured out their secret .. let me know .. i gotta get out of this place! lol :p :D