Hello everybody

Hello everybody

Hi guys,

I stumbled onto this board through google and thought I would register. I will tell you a little about myself.

I am a new Christian (I received Jesus Christ in January) but I am not new to Christianity. My dad is a pastor and I went to a Christian University. Honestly, I only went to a Christian University because they accepted most of my scholarships. I was not a Christian nor did I graduate a Christian. So I know of Christianity and I know most of the doctrine it teaches, however my behaivor is still rough around the edges. I have cut down the swearing quite a bit and rarely curse anymore and I have also been able to cut negative influences out of my life which has helped me remain consistent. However, like I said I am rough around the edges, there are still a few things I am learning, but I am getting better everyday. Jesus said he wanted me as I was and that is what he got, hehe and it wasn't much at all, let me tell you. But he is helping me day by day to understand more. Honestly, it is pretty hard to give up some of the stuff he is requiring me to give up.

Anyways, I like sports and am a huge baseball fan and I love to exercise. I am a gym rat really. I also love to talk about the bible and discuss different doctrines.

Oh yeah, I'm 25 years old and very single at the moment.

Thanks and I hope to get to know some of you.
Hello Roman!

Welcome to CFS. Honestly, as a Christian, you'll never stop learning new things. Hopefully... This is an exciting time, being a new Christian. Usually, the saying goes that if you want a prayer answered immediately, you should ask a new Christian to pray it for you. I think that's true to some extent... So, enjoy learning, finding out about Jesus. It's actually, a lot of fun.

It's really great to have you here Roman- welcome aboard!
Hi Roman!:)
Your parents must be estatic!(sp?) Pass the cigars! It's a boy (reborn again)! hehe
Anyhoo...You are just what the Lord has been waiting for!;)
Congratulations for finding your salvation and a new and abundant life in Jesus! I believe that you'll be successful in smoothing your 'rough edges' if you rely completely on the strength of our Lord Jesus.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

Welcome abroad and enjoy yourself here.