Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

:israel:I am new here, and I have been brousing around, and thought that I should introduce my self.

I am 52 yrs old, Male, and married.

I reside in a small north east Ga town called Lavonia.

I travel greaty for the company that I work for and the reason that I enter these christian forums is to try to stay in contact with other christians.

I look foward to meeting everyone in due time, through your posts, and hope to be a help and friend while I am here.

God Bless


I am also new to this forum. The big 40 years of age, live just outside of Washington DC and look forward to ready some of the great posts on this forum.
Welcome to the forum, Justthefacts! This is, indeed, a good place to keep in contact with fellow christians! We are looking forward to posting with you!
Hello, justthefacts and welcome to CFS!

We are a really good, friendly Christians-only community and hope you enjoy it here!

I know I have talked to you in other threads, but I hadn't seen your intro until I hopped on in here, lol!
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