Hello Everyone!

I am new here. So glad I found this place! I am a British expat living in Malta and everyone I know (apart from my father) makes fun of me believing in God and even though I love my friends, I find myself keeping quite so as not to cause friction and it's getting me down.

Just a bit of history about me, I was born and brought up a Roman Catholic by an Irish father and an Atheist mother (how's that for a combination! haha). I went through a period from about 15 years of age up until I was about 31 (I am on the verge of being 35 now eeek!), dis-believing and also suffering from depression through those years. I have never sought medical treatment for depression, instead, I spoke to my Dad - eventually. He gave me a bible - just a small pocket one he had - which I refer to every now any then but haven't read in it's entirety yet, and I started to pray at night again, which I hadn't done since I was a child, and I FINALLY started to scrabble out of that big black hole whose top had eluded me for so long. I truly believe that this is what has made me flick that black dog off my shoulder.

I like rock music, have bright red hair and have tattoos (which I love because every one tells a story and I will never regret because, how can you regret the story of your life?), so because of this, my appearance, when I speak about God or Christianity, my friends give me those 'are you serious, you idiot?' kind of looks.

So this is me. Kitty. I am who I am and I love (almost haha) who I am. Hello.