Hello Everyone!

Hi, new guy here ;)

Just wanted to take a moment to say hi to everyone and give you a little background and info on me. I am a fairly new believer, although I have been a "Christian" for more than 10 years. I rededicated my life to Christ in 2011 and enrolled in Ohio Christian University, majoring in Pastoral Ministry. I am currently due to graduate in 2015. I felt the calling to minister as a chaplain to the law enforcement and fire agencies in the area I work, where they are sorely needed.

I live in beautiful Liberty Township in Fairfield County, Ohio, which is just east of Columbus. I am married and have have three children, two of which are still at home. I am a veteran police officer, but I am looking to relocate out of state in the VERY near future due to my dislike of Old Man Winter :)

God bless all and I am looking forward to meeting you!