Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

Hey guys,

Im new to the forums, wanted a find a good site that would answer all my questions, and i hope i have found the right one...:)

Its good to meet all of you here!!

Hi, Jacob!:)
Nice to meet you here!
Welcome to the forum and
may God bless you!!!

Wow! Just thinking it certainly has been a while since this post.

Love to see how I've grown here with everyone..God is good! :)
Were you even Jake back then? I seem to vaguely remember that you changed your Username, but I could easily be wrong. I found my "welcome" note a while back as well. It's amazing that some of this stuff is still around.
You are right Banarenth, I used to be "xcortman" back then remember! :) So many of those folks who welcomed me aboard haven't posted here in a long long time.
I first came here because I was looking for some Christian Jokes to use in Sunday School. It's amazing at how much the atmosphere has changed. I was only "not a moderator" for a week, so I literally don't remember a time when I wasn't enforcing rules.
About roughly 3 years after I joined I was asked to become a helper. Try to help out as much as I can, depends on how free I am too. But yeah its been a privileged so far!