Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Hi people. I'm Christian Commando. I found this site surfing for Christian Forums.

I'm a Minister of nearly 30 years, am 50 years old and called by God Evangelistically in "Helps" Ministry.

I look forward to checking out this site.

God Bless!!

welcome Brother,

I hope you feel welcomed here at CFS and Find the blessing I have. The atmosphere and people are great! If you ever need anything just PM me and hopefully I can help!:preach:
welcome!! I just joined, and haven't done much posting (yet) but I hope to get to know you and so many others much better!

Well, thank you all for the welcomes, they are greatly appreciated.

Hey Rev hehe, I'm a Moderator too on another site, quite a change from the person to person Ministering I'm used to for so many years.

Btw , ah, don't call me "sir", I'm just, hey you, CC, or whatever you like, I dress like everyone else, I'm also known as a "dirt digger" for God, a street and rural Evangelist, nothing special about me. The kinds of service God has had me do, I talk plain language and God's literal Word hehe, no suits- (wrecked too many before).

God bless!!