Hello folks.

Hello folks.

Hey folks, The name is Phil Adams. And I am one of the creators of a new and exciting website, that is due to launch in the coming months.

Until the site is launched we are running off a squidoo page to give you an idea of what we are going to be doing.

Best Christian Design was birthed out of a lunch time conversation between two friends (Phil Adams & Stephen Costello) in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While checking out some online galleries they thought ‘there should be one of these for Christian websites’. A little digging around the net confirmed there wasn’t anything like this currently online.

The conversation developed into a mission to create such a site. A site which showcased the best sites related to churches, ministries, outreaches, and christian bands. A whirlwind of planning, branding, and late night coding later the website you see now was created.

Best Christian Design exists not only to promote fantasic design/development but also our faith. Phil and Stephen are committed Christians who aim to show the world that Christianity is cutting-edge and relevant in the 21st century. Their vision is to see Best Christian Design become ‘the’ online inspiration for Christian designers around the world.