Hello Friends!

I am a new subscriber. This is my first time posting. I really never considered joining a forum. But please, i need some spiritual guidance from my brothers and sisters in Christ out there!
I started attending a church 3 yrs. ago. because someone I worked with was a member. I began volunteering in our outreach program, about a year ago which i love. Our leader then designated myself as Director of the program. The more i became involved in the program, the more i have discovered that the former director and volunteers have been misleading our supplier for the program. They have even used the product for their own benefit and sold it for profit!
This is a program that helps the needy, they are breaking the contract with this organization!
I have brought this situation to our leader, and had several conversations with a volunteer just this month. A few days ago I found out that these things are still happening, behind my back. I'm appalled, and needless to say disappointed. I think as Christians we are to set ourselves to a higher standard than the world! We need to live for Christ and lift up his name!
I want out of the program and really want to dissolve my membership within this Church. Our leader doesn't seem to take this seriously. I have even considered reporting them to the agency that supports our program. I know that this would end the program there, and all the good it does do for the people that need it.
My heart is breaking, please give me your objective spiritual opinions. If i need correction please tell me that also. I have prayed about this and just hung in there for the last 6 months. I've always stayed true to my convictions and my heart is not swaying. I just can't look away anymore, or even trust the congregation. (same one for years, and all related).
Alright, please i welcome your thoughts!
God Bless!
Hey Samson,

I am praying for your situation. I know there is no hurt like church hurt. I grew up as a Preacher's Kid and been through my fair share of church hurt. I have always been in ministries and I know how you can be disappointing when you find out some people are misusing the ministry. All I can say is we have to look towards God and not man. Man will fail and fall everytime but God will never.

I feel for ya
I am unclear as to who you mean by "our leader". Is this your pastor (or one who functions in that role)? A lot depends on the structure of your church. If you have made your concerns known to other volunteers and the person who has oversight of the program, and you don't have the ability to stop the fraud, then the next step would be to talk to whoever is in authority over your leader. If your leader is the highest authority in your church (as is often the case with small, independent churches) and the problem has not been remedied, I would at very least leave the church, making it clear why I was doing so. At that point, I would also be inclined to let the supplier know of my concerns and leave it to them to deal with it as they see fit.

As for the needy who are helped by this program, perhaps the program can be done from another church. I doubt that God will find His hands so tied that He can only meet needs through a program administered by dishonest people, particularly when those people claim to operate in His Name.