Hello from a new Christian from New York

Hello from a new Christian from New York

I was born and raised in an atheistic family in the Soviet Union. The very first book I read when I came to the United States was the Old Testament. It took me another almost tweenty years to finally read the New Testament, but when I did I was converted. It has been a rocky road. Over the past few month, as I got close to and did find the Lord, I have been under attack of the evil spirits. If you have time and interested you can read my testimony here: Evil Spirits Encounter: Demonic Voices.
Please pray for my deliverance.
With gratitude,
WELCOME, TRUE VOICE! Right at this particular moment we are all trying to find a moderator to take off a certain fellow called David Peterson. He is posting some really bad stuff and I would advise you to just not read any of his posts. They are evil.

I will read the site you suggested as soon as I can. I just didn't want you to think this problem comes up all the time. It is really an excellent forum and you can depend on it's content most of the time. This is a first as long as I have been here. Bonnie
Welcome to the family of God, Truevoice! This is really a great place to be! Looking forward to talking with you about our wonderful Savior!
Greetings True Voice:

Know that you are not alone. Satan and his minions enjoy tormenting others and especially all the more when the "tormented" find the one and true answer in Jesus the Christ. I have read your hyperlink. Yes, it is difficult to convince those "asleep in the light". Be of good cheer .. know that you have a BIG Jesus on the inside.

You might want to check out Bob Larson's website, he has a church body as well as a ministry to those tormented by The Evil One. Yes, he is a little controversial ... but one can learn from some of his resources. I would advise you prayerfully consider his resources before actually purchasing them.

Welcome to Spiritual Freedom Church

May Jesus the Christ and true Master of Spiritual Deliverance guide you as you Seek His ultimate will for your life and life ministry.

Jesus Love,
Hello Again True Voice:

Ok spank me with a wet noodle .... I looked again at your author list ... you know about him. Forgive me.

Jesus Love,