Hello From Arkansas!

Hello From Arkansas!

Hello All!
My name is Nancy, I'm from Arkansas. I don't really know what to say about myself... I love the Lord more than anything or anyone else in this world! I tend to be long-winded when writing, so I hope ya'll will bear with me when reading anything I might post :eek: lol. The Lord has blessed me with many talents and gifts which I try to use to further His kingdom and bring others to Him. I attend a non-denominational church where everyone is welcome regardless of their background.
I began my walk with the Lord about 5 years ago and I have never regretted a moment of it! He is so amazing and wonderful and loving and understanding and merciful and so much more that there aren't words to describe it all. (At least none that are in my vocabulary.) I have come to know Him intimately in the last few years and there is no one or no thing that could ever take His place in my life!
I have a job in my church, well, two jobs officially: I run the projector and I do most of the print work for our church and our Christian school. Otherwise I don't really work.
I am married, this year I will celebrate my 20th anniversary! My husband is the most amazing man and I am sure that God personally hand-picked him for me even though neither of us were Christians at the time. I have 4 grown kids and 8 grandkids! The latest edition to our family is a set of boy-girl twins! Born to one of my own twins.
I love to read! I like Christian fiction the best, but I also love reading books about the Amish people and their lifestyles. I do not like reading romance novels! (Except for one called "A Divine Romance" that one was about God's love for His children!) Well, I guess that's probably enough for now. I told you I was long-winded!



God bless you , Nancy and may you find lots of good fellowship here at CFS and food for your soul .

Thanks for the wonderful introduction . I know you will be blessed here.

I know more about the Mennonites that the Ammish as we have a large Mennonite community not far from us and they have a wonderful market . Everything is made from scratch .... all their meats and baked goods . In the summer they sell all their home grown veg. and fruit .

Looking forward to fellowshipping with you .

welcome to the site!
Hello Nancy, as we joined on the same day I just want to say 'welcome' and I hope we both enjoy this site. That was a really nice intro.

And a very warm welcome to you to Nancy. This site ROCKS! with the Lord. There is alot of teachings, laffter, tears the works here and it all Blessed by Jesus. Tell your friends bout us. God Bless you

The Great Chili has spoken.:D:cool:
But I aint as great as God! dont even come close
Happy Sunday sis:israel:


4 kids and 8 grand kids and you say you do not have a job:p. That wonderful bunch sounds like 2 or 3 full time jobs worth of work and fun!!!
Welcome to CFS my sister!