Hello from Kazakhstan!

Hello from Kazakhstan!

I am very glad to be here. Briefly: I am a born-again Christian from Kazakhstan.
I am here because I need advice. I am working for a rock band now. Actually, I am supposed to pen lyrics in English and I want to use this opportunity to tell people about Jesus but I am not allowed to say about Him directly because my country is primarily muslim, though legally it is a secular state.
First of all I need help from someone who is experienced and strong in faith and wisdom. I need a helping hand from those people who would be able to check my English.
Songs will be rotated on TV and radio. So we can spread the Good News together.
Thank you in advance! God bless you!
If you can see your way clear, contact me!



Andreskir what a pleasure it is to have you here with us at CFS- I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you - as brethren come togeather in His Name we can help each other grow in Christ- what a priviledge -what a joy- have an awesome day walking in His presence- Larry


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Welcome to our community andreskir. Its wonderful to be a testimony to Jesus in your country. :) God bless you with your ministry!
Thank you very much for your prompt response, brothers! I would like to know if someone has time and is willing to help me. I can send words that I already make up by e-mail or here so a volunteer can check them. I believe that if someone will help me he will also help people to think about Christ and contribute to His kingdom. Thank you and God bless!

Pastor Gary

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A little tardy in welcoming you, but it is nice to have you with us here at CFS. Thank you for taking the time to find us and to register.
Which is correct to say: 'I want to stay by your side' or 'I want to stay at your side' or 'I want to stay on your side' if I mean I want to stay beside you?
Hi Andrey,
It seems we have found this place at about the same time! It is awesome to know there are Christians in muslim countries to spread the word of Christ! I don't have a lot of extra time, but if you want to send me an email of your work I will do what I can.
Thank you very much that you agree to work with me. I will send you my first work very soon, maybe tomorrow. by the way, where can I find your email address?